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🏡Protect Your Home: The TRUTH about Duct Cleaning🏡

Updated: Apr 18

What's up, Alien Gang!?

We're here to shed light on some false information about duct cleaning that's been circulating lately!

"all duct cleaning is a scam!"

This is deliberate misinformation! Nearly ALL modern duct systems can be cleaned whether they are metal duct board or flex. Head over to to read an endless supply of articles verifying this info!

Some legitimate companies don't want to invest in the duct cleaning equipment, so they'd rather call it a scam than refer you to another company that does provide this service!

On the other hand, some companies WILL sell this as a scam. They just want to get their foot in the door and will attempt to upsell you unnecessary add-ons with a classic bait-and-switch!

"Duct cleaning doesn't work!"

This one we can actually agree with...partially. Our follow up question is "It doesn't work on what, exactly?" Cleaning your duct system can help but sometimes it's not the answer you're looking for. Sometimes dirty ducts are a by-product of other issues that need to be addressed before you spend money on duct cleaning! Complete a total HVAC home assessment prior to just cleaning your ducts and hoping for the best!

"Duct Cleaning is a Social media scam! "

Yes, absolutely! This scam preys on unsuspecting homeowners! However, not all companies offering duct cleaning are bad guys! Here is what to look out for with this social media scam in particular:

Purple and white graphic with text "BEWARE OF SCAMS" with a burglar in black clothes and a black mask with a red knapsack over his shoulder. The World's Greatest Heating and Air logo

🚩Mysterious or Missing Company Names🚩

If the company's name is missing or unclear, proceed with caution. Legitimate businesses proudly display their identity, logo and faces while scammers often operate in the shadows to evade detection. You can search legitimate Florida businesses HERE on

🚩 Lack of Credentials or Reviews🚩

Legitimate HVAC companies boast credentials and positive reviews. If you can't find credible information or if reviews seem fishy, proceed cautiously. Google is your friend! You can run a public HVAC license search HERE

🚩Identical Content🚩

Beware of duplicate pictures and content posted by different users. (Example below) Scammers recycle images and text. They reuse emotionally charged scripts over and over again. If you spot identical posts from multiple accounts, exercise extreme caution.

🚩Unexpected Outreach🚩

Be wary of unsolicited messages or calls offering duct cleaning services. Reputable companies don't bombard you with aggressive sales pitches out of the blue. Trust your instincts and don't fall for high-pressure tactics. If we are tagged in a post searching for our services, sure, we will absolutely reach out to you! But unsuspecting inbox assault is a major RED FLAG!

Eight red flags in a row

🚩 Emotionally charged statements 🚩

Do they mention how they have fallen on hard times and are sorry for the self promotion? Scammers steal profile pictures and identities to make fake accounts of your (very real) friends! Check to make sure your "friend" doesn't have 2 profiles. If the one messaging you, asking for a deposit, is only a few days old with no friends or activity. That is NOT your friend!

🚩 MAJOR Discounts for Urgency🚩

Do they offer 40 or 50% off for the first 5-6 people who sign up? Scammers often use urgency to pressure you into quick decisions. They may claim immediate duct cleaning is necessary to avoid health risks or expensive repairs. Take your time, do your research, and don't succumb to pressure.

Stay vigilant and trust your instincts. If you suspect you've encountered the Duct Cleaning Scam or any other fraudulent activity, report it promptly.

"But Crissy, is there a duct cleaning company that I can trust?"

I'm so glad you asked!


None green flags in a row

Here is a list if qualities a legitimate company will have!

🟢 Licensed: A legitimate company will have the necessary licenses to operate in their industry and location. This ensures that they meet the required standards and regulations, providing assurance for quality duct cleaning and air quality services. Again, you can search legitimate Florida businesses HERE on  You can also search HVAC Licenses HERE. If you cant find them here, or whatever state they say they're from, RUN!

🟢 Insured: Legitimate companies will carry appropriate insurance coverage to protect themselves and their clients in case of accidents, damages, or liabilities related to duct cleaning and air quality services. Ask to see their "COI" which is their Certificate of Insurance, be sure their insured amount is higher than the cost of your home PLUS everything inside of it! It takes minutes to get with a simple phone call or email to their insurance company. Anyone who stalls or makes excuses probably doesn't have insurance. RUN!

🟢 Transparent Pricing: Legitimate companies will provide clear and transparent pricing for their duct cleaning and air quality services. They won't spring hidden fees or charges on their clients, ensuring transparency and trustworthiness in their pricing structure. They also won't attempt to bully you by creating a sense of urgency! If they give you a deadline to decide and need a down-payment up front, RUN!

🟢 Good Reputation: They will have a positive reputation in the community and online, backed by positive reviews, testimonials, and references from satisfied customers regarding their duct cleaning and air quality services. Of course, even the best get some bad reviews. You truly cannot please everyone. But, the good should definitely outweigh the bad! If not, RUN!

Yes, we do duct cleaning!

See that's a picture of our machine down there, we can send you our COI and Florida HVAC license too! 😜

Purple and yellow graphic with picture of 2 men operating an HVAC Air Duct Cleaning Machine. World's Greatest Heating and Air logo with world and yellow text.

Give us a call!

We will send a qualified specialist to your property for a completely free estimate. We will even tell you if you do not need the service depending on what your issues are. Because yes, even state-legitimized companies will try to upsell you a duct cleaning service when you really don't need it, just like I mentioned above. But that is another blog for another day.

Stay cool, stay vigilant, stay safe!

World's Greatest Heating and Air logo featuring a globe and yellow text with the tagline 'Maybe...Even...The Universe'. Located in Duval and St. Johns County, Florida, serving the HVAC and air conditioning needs with honesty and excellence.

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