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5 Qualities HVAC Technicians MUST Have

Updated: Jan 25

Want to know what to look for when hiring seasoned HVAC techs? This list can help!  In this article we’ll review some of the HVAC basics and qualities to look for when searching for an HVAC provider!

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  • Knowledgeable and Trained in Key Areas, specifically HVAC

  • Problem Solving and Documentation Processes

  • Be Professional, Polished and Background Checked

  • Have Great Communication Skills and Be Licensed and Insured

  • Conquer Time Management 

1. Knowledgeable and Trained in Key Areas

Proper training and knowledge is one of the most important HVAC basics. A well prepared and skillful tech can avoid repeat visits, spending too much money on a problem, and the persistence of your issue! You want someone who can get it right, the first time!

In particular, most HVAC techs need a strong understanding of: 

  • Pumping and piping systems 

  • Wiring and electricity 

  • Preventative maintenance

  • Parts of an HVAC unit and what they do

  • Chemicals (Especially Freon)

  • And others depending on the tech’s area of expertise!

Techs may work with numerous tools and testing equipment, so daily technical skills will vary based on the position. This is why it's important to hire an HVAC technician who have completed an apprenticeship or secondary education! Be sure the company you choose is licensed and up-to-date on the latest safety precautions. Knowing how to execute a job is one thing, but being able to execute it safely and correctly is another! Be sure to check experience and training for your potential HVAC Technician! Ask us about our specialty glasses that allow a Comfort Guardian with 10+ years of experience on every single call!

2. Problem Solving and Documentation Processes

Not only do techs need to have knowledge of HVAC systems, but they will need to be a problem solver. This is the challenging part (and the fun part) of a career as an HVAC tech. It’s satisfying to identify a problem and know how to quickly fix it on the job. Not all people can achieve this feat. But let's hope your HVAC provider can!

Look for problem solvers who are also detail oriented and can explain and show you their exact process. They should meticulously track the services and steps they followed to fix a problem. Technicians should be able to verify each technical step they take on the job AND explain the process, all while on site! Even if you can't crawl up into your attic, have them show you a video! If the HVAC technician can't verify the issue, that is a major red flag! Watch out for the pushy-sales types!

3. Be Professional, Polished & Background checked! 

We know you care about who is entering your home, and we do too! Your HVAC technician should be punctual, professional, courteous and respectful. They should also do a thorough job, clean up after themselves and leave you happy!

Your HVAC tech, should show up on time and follow any dress or uniform guidelines outlined by the company. We value being well-groomed and punctual, and you should too! Also be sure your HVAC Technician is screened through a background check process!

Even the way technicians drive the company's vehicle shows a lot about the tech and company: driving within the speed limits and arriving safely at each destination in a clean, organized truck presents a professional image to you and your neighbors! Don't worry, we won't run over their lawn!

4. Have Great Communication Skills and be licensed and insured

From the time the HVAC technician walks in your door, they should greet you and be able to explain their course of action! Communication is one of our main HVAC basics everyone should have. 

Most homeowners don’t know the technical HVAC lingo like we do, so the HVAC technician should be able to explain the problem in simple terms and how they plan on fixing it. Our team has the patience to answer multiple questions and smile throughout the process. We aren't satisfied until you completely understand the process! Plus, if they can't explain it to you, do they really understand it themselves? Be sure to check your HVAC Technician's license and credentials! Not everyone with a work truck has gone through the rigorous process of becoming licensed by the state! Would you let a doctor perform surgery that skipped the licensing process? Eh...better not!

5. Conquer Time Management 

Time management is another of our HVAC basics that must be mastered. Most HVAC technicians in North Florida are on very busy schedules, as there’s always a high demand for their services, especially in the summer heat. When your heating system shuts down in the dead of winter, your HVAC technician should fix it immediately. Not only do they have to work quickly but carefully! We work nights, weekends, even holidays and whenever needed. We won't leave you hanging in 100+ July heat or a random cold day in winter!

Being an HVAC technician is a rewarding career. The one you choose should love helping people while they earn a living for their family.

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